Directions to Shouldham Warren

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Here you go folks … some directions to help you find the event venue!

The document title is a bit Norwich-centric … but that is only because I initially created it for the company delivering the portaloo :)

A47 from Norwich to Swaffham


Shouldham Warren – Round 5.

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With just over a week to go to the final round. I want to tell you some stuff. About Shouldham and about other races and other things.

So, Shouldham Warren. The last round in the second series and something a little different. Different terrain, longer laps, more riders. I took a conscious decision to beef things up a bit at round 5 – firstly, because Shouldham has the space and variety to accommodate this but secondly, because it falls just one week before the first of the regional series, MSG and three weeks before the first national XC race which is also in our region.

Organising 5x3MTB has been great fun and it is so rewarding to see new riders coming in to the racing scene and growing in confidence and enthusiasm. What I am trying to do at Shouldham is to provide a natural progression into a race that feels a little bit bigger – both in terms of the course and the number of riders – so that any new riders who are thinking of racing the MSG series has had experience of a comparable racing environment before they move up a level.

It also means that the more experienced racers have an ideal opportunity to really stretch themselves just before the first MSG and get a feel for how they are going.

So, there will still be the same friendly and welcoming atmosphere but the challenge has ramped up a little!

I’ve been trying to think of ways to describe the riding at Shouldham, but it’s a bit difficult. I can tell you that it has quickly become one of my favourite places to ride, that it is sandy, loamy, punchy and well drained. That it has some pretty testing climbs and some short fast descents … some of which we are using and some of which we aren’t. That it will make you smile more than it will make you swear and that it will be fun but tough racing.

My partners for this round are Kings Lynn MTB and Sandringham & West Norfolk Cyclists – both have been unstinting in their support of this venture and of getting racing and riding established at Shouldham Warren. And they bake exceptionally good cakes …

Here’s hoping that we can all round the series off in superb style – see you on the 9th March :)



New access and parking arrangements – Sunday 16th February

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Well, the school isn’t flooded … but the normal parking field is too wet to use so we need to move things around a little.

A different route in to the school and different parking areas.

Please click the link below and familiarise your self with how to get in and where to park.

Many thanks and see you Sunday :)



Where does all the money go?

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I’ve been meaning to get around to writing this post for a while – not in response to an enquiry or an overheard conversation, but just because I thought you as riders or parents or both, may find it interesting.

The first series of 5x3MTB which ran through the Winter of 2012/2013 was a small scale affair which made a modest profit at each round, totalling about £200 at the end of the series. The majority of this was used to replace consumables used during the series such as course marking tape, lost number boards, cable ties, replacement tools etc.

And so the series started again in 2013 with a clean sheet financially but with the promise of higher income from the larger field sizes.

Running as a Go Race MTB event means no British Cycling licence points but also means only £1.00 levy per rider, so that helps to keep entry costs down.

The big expense is venue hire – between zero and £200 depending on where we are. Add to that medical cover, volunteers expenses (refreshments, fuel claims), the Torq bars/gels, consumables and the expenditure soon starts to eat into the income.

But the good news is that so far there has been a decent surplus this series. Rather than pay this out in prize money which only benefits a few riders, each club which supports a round has or will receive a donation to club funds.

At Fritton Lake, the donation took the form of me settling up outstanding levy payments from the Summer series; at UEA the cycling club got a cheque for £200 for their help in hosting the event; Iceni Velo will get £100 from round 3 at Taverham and hopefully a similar amount after round 4. Kings Lynn CC will benefit from the final round at Shouldham Warren.

A lot of people give their time to help make the series happen and I feel that supporting their clubs is the best way to ensure we can keep the series going and growing.


Taverham Hall School – 19th January.

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I know it’s a bit boring folks but I need to remind you of the way into the school – so I’ve created a map with arrows and stuff!

Click on this file and all will be revealed …